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Strategic Vision 2016 and Beyond

Growing faithful Christians to engage and impact the culture with the transforming power of Jesus Christ.


The process of developing this vision has taken over two years and has involved hundreds of people from the congregation. We have prayed for the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit, and we believe we have received it. This strategic vision plan will guide our church for the next five to ten years.


Our vision is to grow faithful Christians who will boldly and in faith seek to engage and impact the culture with the transforming power of Jesus Christ to the glory of God. We want to share His outrageous love with those around us and around the world who so desperately need to experience it.

Strategic Vision Plan Presentations

There were three presentations of the Strategic Vision Plan to the congregation in the fall of 2016 by members of the Strategic Vision Planning Committee. The Plan was also presented in each of the Adult Sunday School classes. The links below are documents that were distributed at these presentations.  


The Playbook Culture Change Movement of Renewal


Focus Statement

EQUIPPING the body of Christ to ENGAGE in radical, gospel-driven PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS.


Core Values

TO KNOW: Experiencing God in deeper ways and pursuing His truth rooted in the Bible
TO FLOW: Cultivating relationships that bridge all ages and social demographics
TO GROW: Transforming lives through the good news of Jesus

TO SHOW: Demonstrating God's love through action


These are the values that are guiding and will guide every decision we make. These are the values that we will drive home at every opportunity given us. These are the values that must inculcate our hearts and minds so that we can fulfill our calling to be the people of God.

The Mission

To be a vibrant and growing community of faith that: 
God in ways that are bibilical, reformed, and culturally engaging;
PROCLAIMS the gospel to the church, our community, and the world;

CULTIVATES spiritual growth, faithful discipleship, personal evangelism, and a clear biblical world view;

PRAYS diligently, fervently, and expectantnly;
LOVES others through service after the example of Christ;

GROWS community that strengthens and affirms our oneness in Christ.

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