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Welcome to First Presbyterian Church Foundation

First Presbyterian Church Foundation was established in 1993 to help believers become effective stewards of the resources that God has entrusted to them. 

The vision/mission of the First Presbyterian Foundation is to facilitate the generous financial giving of those changed by the lavish generosity of the gospel.

Recent News

Through God’s will and your financial support, our First Presbyterian Church Foundation approved three grant requests in July.

The recipients are: 
Christian Learning Center of Greenville County. They provide biblical instruction for school-aged children as an opportunity to encourage them to embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ, grow in the Christian faith and apply biblical principles for living. 
Joshua’s Way. They help people “to know and to do”. To know Christ, to know their mission for Christ and to take action for Christ. This grant will support their mission of connecting international students and scholars with our local Christian community. 
Neighborhood Focus. Their mission is to create hope and opportunities for Greenville’s at-risk students through Christ-centered educational and social enrichment.

For more information about our growing foundation and the lives that are being changed with your support, please contact Andy Douglas at 864.672.1753.

What does the Foundation do?

• Provides a safe environment for believers to discuss matters of stewardship and to resolve specific individual concerns.
• Facilitates giving to Christian organizations by identifying opportunities for current gifts and/or deferred gifts
• Builds God’s Kingdom by passing dollars to Gospel-based ministries
• Works with those who care about charitable causes and are passionate about Christian giving

What benefits does the Foundation offer?

• Individualized counsel about stewardship as well as and basic financial and estate planning
• Personalized estate design at no cost or obligation, suitable for implementation by your lawyer or accountant
• Complete confidentiality, and either named or anonymous giving

What role does the Foundation play?

• Provides tax-efficient and simplified giving through donor-advised funds (also called Giving Funds) and planned giving through estate design
• Assures that recipients of current and planned gifts are worthy candidates and good stewards of contributions
• Makes givers aware of ministries, their purposes, their impact, and their needs
• Allows donors and ministries to set up donor-advised funds with the Foundation
• Not a frontline ministry itself and does not seek to influence planning and giving decisions
• The Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) public charity.

Foundation Board of Directors

For more information, please contact:

Andy Douglas, Director of Stewardship Ministries

864.672.1753 or