Vineyard Bookstore is Open

Vineyard Bookstore is Open

Sunday • 9:00am–12:30pm
Monday–Thursday • 9:00am–1:00pm
For Easter, birthday, and everyday gifts, come to the First Pres Vineyard bookstore! Gift ideas include ornaments, Christian books, stationery, 
jewelry, soaps and lotions, scarves, home décor items, and Vineyard gift certificates. Contact Stacey at 864.565.0920 with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

Conspiracy Theory - When God Is Seemingly Against Us

A new book by Senior Pastor Dr. Richard Gibbons is available now in the Vineyard Bookstore

If you have ever struggled with deep disappointments, unanswered prayers, or found your life crumbling around you, Conspiracy Theory was written just for you!

The roadmap for this book travels through one of the most loved and popular portions in the Bible – Psalm 139. It takes you on a journey from the heights of intimacy to the inevitable lows that life brings us, especially the ones that leave us saying ‘WOW – I never saw that coming.’ But that is when the need for intimacy with God can hit us like a brick. What if God is behind the WOW? What if we need to forgive and just cannot, or just do not understand what is going on, or feel that change is overwhelming?

Whether these situations are personal, physical, relational, or even bigger, when they arrive, it seems we realize then that we alone are not enough. Real intimacy with God is incredible but will require honesty, wrestling with difficult issues and asking challenging questions. Come along on this possibly life–transforming journey – it’s well worth the trip.

  • Incudes Personal Questions After Each Chapter
  • Suitable for Individuals and Study Groups
  • Looks at Issues Such as War & Abortion
  • Interesting Facts & Figures
  • Other Bible Stories
  • Interwoven Engaging and Funny Everyday Stories
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