First Presbyterian Church


The Ministry Leadership Development curriculum is designed to equip current and future leaders of our church for the awesome responsibility and privilege of leadership.  The curriculum consists of training in basic gospel theology and application, principles of spiritual formation and discipleship, biblical stewardship, Reformed theology, ECO polity, Biblical worldview and the strategic vision of First Presbyterian Church.


The training is open to all church members.  All candidates for ordained leadership in First Presbyterian Church will be required to complete the training prior to being ordained and installed as officers. Please contact Susan Stewart for more information (672.1756 or


Watch for information about upcoming class schedule.

Ministry Leadership Development Course Book

Chapter 1: Gospel Identity
Chapter 2: Gospel Application

Chapter 3: Spiritual Formation

Chapter 4: Servant Leadership

Chapter 5: Discipleship Training

Chapter 6: Missional Living

Chapter 7: Biblical Stewardship

Chapter 8: Reformed Theology Foundations

Chapter 9: Doctrine of Church Sacraments and Polity

Chapter 11: Biblical Worldview



Ministry Leadership Development Course Audio