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Our church values, supports, and prays for the First Pres men and women serving in every branch of the U.S. military, at home and abroad. The Military Ministry functions under the auspices of the Congregational Care Committee.

PURPOSE: To assist church members of our congregation serving in the Armed Forces (Active Duty, Reserves, and National Guard) in the integration of their faith and witness into their professional military life.

MISSION: To “Raise Up A Godly Military” and share the love of Jesus Christ with our church members serving in the Armed Forces

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Recent News

A message from Lay Leader Bob Browning:

I have had the honor, as many of you have, of serving my country as a Colonel in the Marine Corps, commanding hundreds of men and women on air, land, and sea. As a Christian, however, I need to tell you that the religious liberties of members of our Armed Forces are being threatened like never before in my lifetime.

Military Chaplains
The good news is that our chaplains in the Presbyterian and Reformed Commission preach, teach, counsel, advise, lead worship, marry, and bury, all from a faith perspective. They represent our reformed understanding of the Bible. No one can tell them how to do these things based on their rights provided in the First Amendment of our Constitution. They serve with boldness, taking every opportunity to get the Word into military members’ lives.

The bad news is that there are growing threats to these religious liberties that remind us there is a devil and we must be alert to his deceptions. Recently, a U.S. Navy chaplain from an evangelical denomination had charges leveled against him about his views on same-sex marriage. Based on complaints from a single individual, he was removed from his chaplain ministry, an action clearly ignoring the law that states:

Unless it could have an adverse impact on military readiness, unit cohesion and good order and discipline, the Armed Forces shall accommodate individual expressions of belief of a member of the armed forces reflecting the sincerely held conscience, moral principles, or religious beliefs of the member and, in so far as practicable, may not use such expressions of belief as the basis of any adverse personnel action, discrimination, or denial of promotion, schooling, training or assignment. National Defense Authorization Act, Sec. 533 of 2014

These kinds of religious liberty threats are real and seek to undermine the remarkable way in which military chaplains have historically worked together in a pluralistic environment. Christianity in particular is depicted as a barrier to the acceptance of certain worldviews in American culture. Your faithful prayer is crucial in these challenging days, along with your encouragement to our chaplains and members of our Armed Forces.


Distribution of Bibles
Your Military Ministry has distributed hundreds of Bibles over the past ten years by remaining low key so as not to draw attention to our mission and the support provided to our members and the troops under them.

A new member has joined our Military Ministry: PVT Jackson Darling, US Army, son of Bruce Darling and Dana Darling, and grandson of Charles and Phoebe Blackston, departed on June 30 for Fort Leonard Wood, MO, for recruit training. A long-standing member of our ministry, CPT Sam Leslie, US Army, son of Rev. Tim and Cathy Leslie, was recently promoted to his present rank and has just graduated from school at Fort Lee, VA. His new assignment is Commanding Officer of the EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) Company at Fort Campbell, KY.

Please keep the members of the Military Ministry in your daily prayers, asking God to allow them to honor their religious vows in the performance of their duties.

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