Prayer Ministry

If you are in need of prayer or pastoral care, please know that you may call the church office (235.0496) and ask for the Pastor of the Day.

Tuesday Evening Healing & Prayer Service

The Healing & Prayer Service is held each Tuesday at 6:30pm in Harper Prayer Chapel. You are invited to come and receive God's love, peace, hope, and healing through prayer and the work of the Holy Spirit. Click here for more information on current dates and times.

To Receive Prayer:

There are a number of ways to receive individual prayer at First Presbyterian:

  • Leave a prayer request by calling 565.0970 or emailing
  • Meet with one of the Elders for prayer on Sunday mornings after the services.
  • Schedule a private appointment with a Prayer Minister by calling 565.0960.
  • Contact Congregational Care at 565.0943

How To Pray For Others:

Different areas are available for anyone who would like to serve in the Prayer Ministry.

  • Become a Prayer Minister for the Tuesday Evening Healing & Prayer Service.
  • Join the Prayer Room Team and spend an hour or two each week in prayer for requests that are submitted.
  • Join the Prayer Card Team and send prayer cards by mail to members of the congregation each month.
  • Join the Prayer Card Team for College Students and send prayer cards to college students three times a year.

If you are interested in being a part of the Prayer Ministry, see below for opportunities.

Prayer Room Team:

Our Prayer Room (Room 310) is a beautiful place, blessed and set apart for prayer. Responding to the call of God, each intercessor on the Prayer Room Team spends one to two hours a week praying for our congregation, our staff, and our missionaries. Each one has been trained and has taken a vow of confidentiality. 

Prayer Card Team:

The Prayer Card Team intercedes for every family in our congregation for one week during the year. A card is sent to notify members prior to the week the team prays for a family. They usually have no specific knowledge of need or requests, but will be praying for blessing and guidance for your family for that entire week. They also pray for college students throughout the school year, and contact them using preprinted postcards three times during the year.

Prayer Opportunities

Prayer Resources