Adult Education


Adult Education

Our Church vision, “Growing Faithful Christians,” is lived out in our Education Ministry as described in Apostle Paul’s letter to the Church at Colossae: . . .Christ we proclaim, we train everyone and teach everyone the full scope of this knowledge in order to set everyone before God mature in Christ (Colossians 1:28, Moffat).
The branches of our ministry are found in the Sunday and weekday venues for growing into maturity as disciples.

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Children's Education

Childhood is the beginning opportunity for a lifelong pilgrimage in Jesus Christ. We desire to weave the thread of spiritual growth into the expanding fabric of a child's unfolding world. Our task is to supplement the family and its primary role as chief cultivator in a child's development.

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First Presbyterian Academy

First Presbyterian Church offers a high quality Christian preschool through middle school.

First Presbyterian Academy

Music & the Arts

Our approach to music at First Presbyterian Church can best be described as "conservatively eclectic." We seek to maintain a healthy respect for the best historical traditions of sacred music, while acknowledging and utilizing some of the best examples of new, different, and non-traditional worship music that seem to be constantly appearing on the scene.

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Ignite Contemporary Worship

Our vision is for the presence of God to ignite a movement of worship in us so infectious that it brings others with us into His presence. Responding in public worship is often where change begins; the change of a deepening personal relationship with God. Our weekly gatherings spark new spiritual relationships while refueling ones already established.

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We believe that Christ wants us to have and live the "abundant life." He wants us to enjoy life in an atmosphere where Christians can fellowship and make wholesome leisure choices. Our Activities Ministry is not separate from the church but is an integral part of our total ministry. We hope that you will see our programs in their relationship to Jesus Christ and His church.

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Boy Scout Troop 11, the first troop established in South Carolina, has been sponsored by First Presbyterian Church since 1911, but we welcome boys from all faiths. First Presbyterian Church supports Cub Scout Pack 11, Boy Scout Troop 11 and Ship 11 (Sea Scouts).

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