Wednesday Bible Study

Pastor's Bible Study: Samuel, Saul, & Solomon
Wednesdays, January 12–May 4
Luncheon Study 12:30–1:00pm • Fellowship Hall

Evening Study 6:30–7:15pm • Fellowship Hall and Live Streaming
Teacher: Rev. Dr. Richard Gibbons

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God's Word is the focus of our Wednesday Bible Study at 12:30pm and 6:30pm. Lunch is offered at 11:30am for $8/person and supper begins at 5:15pm during the regular season (September through May).

Current Bible Study Series: Samuel, Saul & Solomon
In learning lessons from fractured kingdoms, the rise and fall of dynasties, divided loyalties, and fractured kingdoms, the opening chapters of 1 Samuel & 1 Kings are an exploration into ancient times that speak directly into ours. God speaks into ordinary lives, adding fresh color and texture to the daily decisions of Hannah, Eli, Saul, David, and Solomon as they struggle to handle major life decisions and respond to uncertainty. Yet amidst the pressures of barrenness, battles, royal schemes, and shepherds, the greatest excitement is found not in the unfolding drama of historical and national events, but in the One each life points toward.

Wednesday Bible Study Audio and Slides

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