Ignite Worship



You're Invited!

Join us for worship at 10:45am each Sunday in Fellowship Hall.

200 West Washington Street, Greenville, SC 29601

What to Expect

At Ignite we like to do four things we call the four C's. First, we want to be Christ-centered and Christ-focused. Secondly, we want to build community - that means we connect with each other within the service and outside of the service. Third, we want to celebrate what God is doing among us, and fourth, we want to be connectional - connecting the Bible to everyday life as we live, work, play, and stay in this community. Come at 10:45am on Sundays, experience Ignite, and see what God is doing with and among us. Childcare is available. 


If you are interested in serving on the worship team, please visit the Worship Team Interview page.

Our Vision

Our vision is for the presence of God to ignite a movement of worship in us so infectious that it brings others with us into His presence. Responding in public worship is often where change begins; the change of a deepening personal relationship with God. Our weekly gatherings spark new spiritual relationships while refueling ones already established. 

Come, ignite, and join the movement.


Rev. Tom Barrett, Music & Worship Arts Director, 672.7034 or tbarrett@firstpresgreenville.org.

Graydon Tomlinson, Ignite Worship Director, 672.0325 or gtomlinson@firstpresgreenville.org.