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VBS volunteer registration

VBS volunteer registration

Vacation Bible School is just around the corner!
There is a place for everyone and we invite you to join us!
June 19-22 Babylon Bound!

  • Be a tribe leader for small groups
  • Be a shopkeeper/artisan (jewelry-maker, whittler, metal worker, wood-worker, hair braiding/henna tattoos, dough maker, fabric seller, fish-filleting, plant/nursery,  brick maker) in the marketplace
  • Help transform the church into Babylon
  • Help with Drop-off and Pick-up
  • Donate marketplace items: Mexican-style blankets, beige canvas/cloth, large clay vases, or baskets
  • Pray for the children’s hearts to be open to the Gospel

Would you like to be a part of VBS &/or Day Missions, but perhaps are unable to be on campus? You can still contribute!  

You could pray (1) for all the children to have open hearts to God's Word & the Holy Spirit. (2) for all those serving to be the hands & feet of Christ
and to be physically strong & healthy for the week (3) for those still being called to serve and fill all positions.

You could provide snacks for the volunteers. Click Here for a link to the sign-up form.

You could lend us some of the items for decorating the church. Click Here for a link to the sign-up form: