Group Detail

Thursday Morning Men's Bible Study

Group Name: FPC Men's Thursday Morning Bible Study

Schedule: Thursday mornings Bible study 7:30am to 8:30am, Breakfast is optional ($5.00).

Leader Contact: Carl Evans at or 770.5647. For Zoom connection, contact: Ron Kennett at or 380.4063

Location: Memorial Dining Room around the corner from Fellowship Hall

Focus of Group: Bible study is number one, (we go through the Bible one book and chapter at a time.) Our focus, through the Holy Spirit, is to open our hearts, minds, and souls to search and discern what God had in mind for us to know and learn. We also enjoy Christian fellowship and breakfast with our fellow brothers in Christ.  “The Word of God is intended to be understood”  -  R.C Sproul, founder and chairman of Ligonier Ministries..

Description of Group: The members are mostly seniors but we welcome men of all ages. Because we meet early enough in the morning and finish the Bible study by 8:30, this is an excellent opportunity for a man who is still working to get to his job in time. Casual clothes are fine. The format is simple: we start with prayer, followed with a hymn, one man reads a psalm and then the teacher starts the lesson for the day. The teachers are all laymen and are dedicated to opening God's Holy Word. At the end of the lesson we have more prayer time with supplication prayers for family and friends. Usually we have 5 to 6 men on Zoom and 20 to 25 men meet in person.